The garden

The garden

Fundamental space of the project, it’s the garden of flavours and fragrances, a little piece of natural paradise




Put together according to the principles of agricultural ecology and permaculture: a wide variety of aromatic and medicinal plants are living side by side, the vegetable garden is lush, flowers fill the surroundings with fragrance and offer their nectar to the bees housed in the 3 beehives in the back of the garden, the fruit (apples, pears, damsons, mirabelles, plums, plums, peaches, persimmons, kiwis, kiwi berries…) and the berries(raspberries, pears, amélanches, cornouilles) follow each other as the seasons go by…

A 30 m dirt hill separates the orchard and smaller hills, covered with straw and composted manure give structure to the area. The vegetable seeds are old varieties, they are local and reproducible. An abundant biodiversity for the greatest pleasure of insects lounging without restraint…

A 20 square meter greenhouse allows for early growing and houses tomatoes in the summer..

From the vegetable patch to the plate, the shortest way!

Princesse Mila

Princess Mila looks after the well-being of our guests, of the inhabitants and is having happy days... "here and now" !

Princesse Mila - le chat

Our 4 chickens

Our 4 chickens Bianca, Rosa, Kiki und Kim are enjoying life in a 90 square meter pen and rewarding me with their extra fresh eggs for the greatest pleasure of my guests who enjoy savouring them soft boiled  for breakfast.

A place for relaxation:

A place for relaxation: in the yard, some deck chairs welcome you here and there and invite you to relax. Other areas are expecting you as well, such as a wicker hut where you can isolate yourself and take a step back or a raised patio for gaining height.