Your hostess

With a respect for life, Christine introduces you to the flavours of the earth.

Her career

After a career as a trade executive in an international setting, Christine Spohn discovers her passion for cooking at age 45 and she studies at the Hotel and Catering School in Illkirch (67). She then receives a cooking diploma.


Seeking to give a “meaning” to the next part of her career, she becomes an instructor in the culinary arts and uses cooking as as basis for encounters, sharing, creativity, cohesion, raising of awareness…

Her convictions

She raises people’s, individuals’, businesses’ and institutions’ awareness for a respect for the earth by using products from organic agriculture, thus inviting them to reflect more globally on the place each one of us can hold in order to become a more responsible world citizen. She uses her professional experience in a business environment and develops team-cooking workshops with cooking as a prop.

She is fascinated by spiritual encounters with matter, the living and the human and wishes to share her enthusiasm for healthy, balanced, creative and tasty food.