Well-being massages

Who is Laëtitia?

Laëtitia has always had her heart set on helping and assisting people through a holistic approach. She decided to accomplish this through massages, wonderful tools that provide relaxation, peace and well-being to the body, the heart and the mind. In keeping with Christine’s values and her welcoming home, it seemed obvious to offer massages at Les Gourmandises Bio. Here are two massages you can benefit from during your stay:

The Benefits of a Scandinavian Massage

A massage to detoxify and relax your body, especially after a day filled with sports activity. The process boosts physical relaxation and provides a deep loosening of muscular and nervous stress. It will allow you to release toxins stocked in your body and to eliminate them. If you practice sports and feel sore (without a temperature), this massage was made for you.

The Little Extra : A massage with aromatherapy. Essential oils bring a relaxation and a total well being that increase the benefits of the massage. For instance: Gaulteria* is an ideal means of calming muscle stiffness and cramps.

(*except in cases of an allergy)

The benefits of the Zenith massage while fully dressed

You don’t have much time, but you want to relax after a super busy day, or you feel like having a massage, but undressing is a source of stress. The Zenith massage is the perfect choice for you. It is a massage centered on your head, your hands and your feet. It triggers a deep relaxation and helps you recover your nervous, energetic and physical balance in order to start a new day in perfect shape.

Duration and price
Scandinavian Massage without aromatherapy 60min
Scandinavian Massage with aromatherapy 60min
Zenith massage (dressed) (Head/Hands/Feet) 45 min

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